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Would you rather have lower drug prices or Big Pharma to continue to make obscene profits?

More than 70% of us US wants/needs (actually too many are dying) to have Medicare for All. M4A Imagine how much more support would be garnered if the media and elected officials told the truth. For example: this is a humane way of providing what every other developed nation does. M4A is ultimately cheaper, more efficient, better able to support medical innovation and protects people who get sick. Or injured. Or need medical care in any capacity. btw to not include dental, hearing, vision and mental health services in every proposal is not only insane but demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding about health and well-being. Oh yes- medicines. Prescriptions. You know those are what your doctor wants you to take to augment healing and better health. Join with Our Revolution Maryland and the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition: There is a Letter Campaign calling on Congress to maintain drug price negotiations in the Budget Reconciliation Package now being debated. Authorizing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma. This policy change will save thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. And Call your Representatives. They should be working for you and NOT the pharmaceutical industry.

Imagine the bargaining power our government could/should/would have in demanding better pricing. In the fight against predatory capitalism and the iron grip it seems to have on too many elected officials one answer is to unite and fight. Join with an army of diverse activists and people demanding change for a myriad of issues including healthcare. From planet collapse, to immigrants' rights, BLM, reform needed in most areas of government, voting rights, reproductive rights and so many other crucial causes. Keep the focus on your passion. And each week, every Tuesday- don't shop. #DSOT. Don't make any discretionary consumer purchases. Coalesce with others on that day, creating a growing and more powerful economic hammer. #DSOT

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