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Why is the Incinerator in South Baltimore Still Belching out Poison?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The incinerator is the largest source of pollution in the city and causes 55 million dollars of health problems per year.

The neighbors nearby generated studies and garnered up protests. The Baltimore City Council voted to discontinue using it. And a lame duck acting Mayor, who lost an election to be legitimately in that position, renewed the contract for 10 years as he limped out the door. We are not being represented. Our country- our planet is replete with poisons being manufactured, discarded and dumped in the areas with primarily People of Color and economically challenged.

The communities in South Baltimore organized and demanded change. The council listened but they, we, all lost in the end. Only by uniting people all over the country: activists, parents, students and those fighting for specific causes can we make a difference.

Together we have strength. Keep doing whatever you are doing and each Tuesday, just don't shop. As the movement continues to grow, we wield an expanding economic hammer. Fight, demand change but also and always: #DSOT

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