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When Covid Chickens Come Home to Roost (Except They have Health Insurance)

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If you somehow hadn't heard by now that President Trump, and many other Republicans, have contracted Covid-19, please let us know the secrets to maintaining your idyllic ignorance, it sounds so calm and peaceful. For the rest of us, however, there is no escaping the news or the potential ramifications of the Republican super-spreader event that is continuing to rip through the upper echelons of Republican power. The Trump administration's constantly contradictory statements surrounding the timeline of the President's illness or it's severity make it difficult to say for certain the exact sequence of events, or who knew what when. What we can say, is that what Donald Trump and the Republicans have sowed all Spring and Summer in Covid-19 denialism, minimization and callous disregard, they are finally beginning to reap this fall. Such statements may seem rude and unkind, but the architects of 7.4 million people infected and over 200,000 dead with a shattered economy to boot are very low on the list of people from whom great sympathy is expressed. We of course don't wish death upon others, but we and the American people understand that there are consequences to people's actions. If President Trump had taken coronavirus/ COVID-19 more seriously, he probably would not have been infected with the coronavirus/COVID-19 Agree: 65% Disagree: 27% How concerned are you personally about the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19? Concerned: 76% Not concerned: 21% Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling the following issues?: Coronavirus - - COVID-19 Approve: 41% Disapprove: 57% (60% from CNN poll) Both presidential campaigns should stop holding in-person rallies Agree: 67% Disagree: 24% Clearly the mask-less Republican attendees are out of step with the American people. They have shown little to no concern for the well-being of the average American, secure in their own safety and prosperity. Their hubris, thinking themselves above medical guidelines, just like any other rule they ignore may well cost them both personally and politically. It is with an irony normally reserved for stories, that the very event meant to celebrate the appointment of a Amy Barrett to secure the SCOTUS in conservative hands, may be the very thing that costs them their victory. With at least 3 Senators quarantined with Covid-19, it is possible for the Democrats to actually delay the confirmation until after the election. Donald Trump has already having left Walter Reed Medical center, looking sick, and doubtlessly contagious. He is already trying to spin his illness to his advantage, while spitting in the faces of every doctor, donor, and secret service member with his flagrant disregard for anyone's health and safety. It's too early to tell if Trump's insistence on marketing instead of treating Covid-19 will not just prove disastrous for the country (which it already has), but for his own health. As all of us now know, the next week will likely be critical in determining if Donald Trump recovers or takes a turn for the worse, with more severe consequences. Trump's health is not in our hands, it is what it is, but we must make sure that no matter what happens with Trump, that there are consequences for the Republicans being so reckless and cruel. The Democrats can delay the confirmation if every single one of them doesn't show up for the hearings, denying the Senate a quorum. Doing this would show voters that Democrats care and are ready to fight as hard as they can for the American people. It would give people an affirmative reason to vote for the Democrats, instead of just against Donald Trump. Importantly it would also help prevent the normalization of the nihilist power politics on display by the Republicans, and lay the groundwork for success in future struggles against the conservative SCOTUS. Of course we know that the Democrats, unless pushed, will never take up such a fight, it's just not who they are. To get the change we desire, we're going to have to call and write and petition and insist in every manner possible our leaders make this stand. And afterwards, it's going to take sustained, collective action of commensurate size and economic power to the forces of oligarchy and oppression we struggle against to keep our politicians accountable and convince them there is no option but to change or lose everything! Don’t miss this chance to  join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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