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What We Want/What We Really Really Want

Given that the standard bearers of the two political parties are a maniacal madman who has no policyproposed for his entire next term in office, and an old conservative Democrat, whose greatest promise is that he will bring back some level of decency and sanity to politics, but no large fundamental change, you might be surprised to learn that the American people actually want big things to be happening! They want big policy change, and they want the government to take action. This isn't just in the area of the pandemic, although Covid-19 has certainly laid bare, in a way that many people could ignore before, the profound failings in the organization of our society, and the distribution of resources and opportunity.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising, however, given that in the primary Bernie Sanders was identified as the candidate with the policies that best represented the people. While his policy positions are often called radical by the mainstream, they are in fact where most people voting want to see the government pursue. Unfortunately, voters felt that Joe Biden had a better chance of beating Trump, and so here we are. It does look like Trump’s massive failures are finally catching up with him, and with any luck, this election will be a landslide referendum against Trump and Republican nihilism. Don’t take anything for granted, though, and make sure to vote, vote, vote!!!

Getting Trump out of power is important, but just as critical a step, is not losing track of what kinds of things American’s really want from their government. Biden isn’t someone inclined towards big change or big policy, but he can be forced to listen to the people in a way unimaginable for Trump. If we can get Biden to listen to the American people at large, and bravely pursue a transformative agenda, it’s clear Americans will be on board:

Support for Types of Major Policy Changes. Percentage who favor:

Creating a "Medicare for All" plan: 62%

Making college tuition free at public institutions: 63%

Guaranteeing all Americans a minimum income: 70%

Guaranteeing all Americans access to affordable childcare: 83%

These are truly transformative policies, that if adopted would reshape the entire relationship between our government and its people. We would finally rejoin, the rest of the developed world in creating a humane and equitable society. Americans are ready and eager for these kinds of changes in overwhelming numbers. The main problem is that despite glowing op-eds insisting Biden is the next FDR, he and the Democrats have no plans to fundamentally change anything.

The situation we find ourselves in is frustrating. Neither side is listening to the people and giving them what they actual want. Instead, both parties serve powerful special interests that care little for democracy, or the needs of the people, especially if it interferes with their acquisition of wealth and power. We know that the Democrats, unless pushed, will never take up the fight for their constituents, and begin listening to the people on their own, it's just not who they are. To get the change we desire, we're going to have to call and write and petition and insist in every manner possible our leaders make a stand. And afterwards, it's going to take sustained, collective action of commensurate size and economic power to the forces of oligarchy and oppression we struggle against to keep our politicians accountable and convince them there is no option but to change or lose everything!

Don’t miss this chance to  join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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