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What Do We Need in a Pandemic? Healthcare

There are no culture wars about health and healthcare and protecting our families and not going bankrupt due to medical bills. Yes, there may be disagreement about treatment, mandates and masks but not the overwhelming desire to be healthy and breathe and make certain we can pay for the vital care we and our family must receive. An overwhelming number of people, at least 70% support Medicare for All. M4A. So perhaps the country isn't so polarized. Currently we have an inefficient and cruel system that is disorganized and duplicates while leaving tens of millions of people uninsured or underinsured. In regard to the dream of freedom, imagine not having to panic when confronted with illness, not having to stay in horrible jobs just for health coverage. And leaving behind massive costs, co-pays and deductibles. There are activists all across the country fighting for this basic human right. And if you want sartorial cachet, support Red Berets for M4A. Donate, be seen, sport a beret and keep demanding fundamental change,

Sadly this is just one of the many challenges and crises we face today. What else can we do to make certain elected officials listen to us about a myriad of issues? Unite and create a coalition with others fighting for legislation, programs and policies desperately needed by our citizens and our planet. We all must align each week by not doing something/ by not shopping each Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, be part of an ever expanding army of experts, organizations and concerned people demanding fundamental change. Join the growing movement. Wield an economic cudgel. Form an alliance with your friends and neighbors together with people throughout the country.

Don't shop on Tuesday. #DSOT

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