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We Need to Provide Food and Water

To the children we, the United States of America, are taking from the people trying to enter our country.

Or instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars for makeshift incarceration, let’s speed up the process to provide justice and asylum and unite families.

A 7-year-old girl under the auspices of Border Control recently died from dehydration and exhaustion.

People are getting rich, exploiting this tragedy, by providing the bare minimum for these terrified children. But thinking back to 3rd grade biology class, I remember that water ranks at the top of what is needed for sustaining life.

(We will talk about climate change and drought and water scarcity at a later time.)

There was water available. She just wasn’t given any.

Right now the issue is negligence and cruelty. Children in these makeshift prisons are being over medicated and abused.

There is a detention “camp” for teenagers, currently housing more than 2300 youths. And there is no vetting for the employees entrusted with their care.

Care. As if.

Make your voices heard by staying home. Not going online. Once a week. Every week.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays.

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