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We Must Weather the Weather

Unrepresentative Policy - Climate Crisis Series #11 Memories are short, weather is chaotic, and the climate changes slowly. All of these factors, and many more, contribute to the difficulty in putting one's finger on what exactly constitutes a changing climate, and what is just a freak weather event. This insistence on never attributing any extreme weather events to the anthropogenic climate crisis has provided cover for the fossil fuel industry and their political lackeys to drag their feet while the crisis deepens. While the fig leaf of uncertainty might be enough for paid-off politicians, it appears that the climate reality is too obvious to the people to be ignored.

Do you think that the extreme weather events in the United States over the past few years are related to climate change, or don't you think so? Extreme weather related to climate change - 61%

Despite the blaring climate denial machine, six of every ten Americans knows that the weather they are seeing is not normal, and we've caused it. Extreme weather events are some of the most visible and terrible manifestations of the climate crisis, and as such, they can galvanize a people to action. We must let our politicians know that each house, each life that is destroyed by extreme weather events is a part of this growing catastrophe, and that without immediate and bold action to repair what has been broken, mitigate what is to come, and adapt to what we cannot stop, they will be responsible for what it to come. If we start now, the next tragedy could be the last one we meet unprepared!

Let your representatives know this issue is important to you, contact info can be found at:

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