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Water Water Everywhere/Nor a Drop to Drink

More than 2 billion people on the planet today lack access to safely managed drinking water at home. 


There are many reasons for the growing crisis of water scarcity but all can be winnowed down to greed, corruption, ignorance and income inequality. Parsed out specifically the causes are listed here.


Cities and towns are faced with aging infrastructure and not enough money to rebuild these vital conveyances. Government can't keep cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us and still actually provide services. So, many officials are forced to sell their water supply to corporations like Nestle and Poland Springs.  It is a deal with the devil.  Pipes are upgraded and then water rates continue to rise.  Water, you see, is a profit point.


Some of the well known areas like Flint MI and Jackson MS are still suffering from unsafe drinking water. Many in the infamous Michigan town are still wary of the water and do not trust a government that, after national headlines, spent hundreds of millions of dollars clearing up the mess.  The fact remains that too many officials knew and in fact abetted the dangers. Jackson still has a problem with the drinking water.


 May I digress?  Mississippi has plenty of money to pay ex football players, OK Brett Farve millions to make a few speeches which he never did, and lose a lot of money in an internet scam, but very few resources to help the most vulnerable citizens.  See Mississippi Today for their incredible coverage about this. Btw... Still waiting for the current and previous governor, as well as Farve to face charges.  And here is a PSA: Support local and independent reporting.


Back to water and abortion.  The new governor of Louisiana has tied repairing rusted out water pipes to abortion.  Jeff Landry has promised to withhold desperately needed infrastructure funding until all state monies for abortions are eliminated and people needing this procedure are arrested.  Louisiana has the added issue of penetration of salt water into the drinking water. Many scientists and doctors are allies of #DSOT, however, everyone can agree that all stages of life desperately need water.


There are many areas in this country with various levels of water sanitation problems.  And the citizens won't know what they are drinking until it becomes a crisis. Everyone must have access to safe and sanitary water.  That should not be moot nor used as a bargaining chit. So raise a glass, celebrate the holidays, enjoy friends and family and....


Don't Shop on Tuesday.



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