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War- What is it Good For?

Defense Contractors.

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

Reduce Military Interventions (71%): As President Eisenhower left office, he delivered his now famous warning against the development of a Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and tasked the American people and her representatives with safe-guarding the country from its corrupting influence. We have failed. The MIC has spread throughout the United States, soaking up ever-larger portions of our national treasure.

As is normally the case, the blame for this growth does not solely, or even mostly, lie at the feet of the general American public, but instead with politicians in every state who decided "pork-barrel spending" in their state meant political victories for them today, even at the expense of endless war tomorrow.

In fact, the American people are weary of war, and skeptical of America's ability to effectively intervene abroad, with 84% believing our military should only be used as a last resort, and 64% rejecting military aid to countries like Saudi Arabia. Over 7 in 10 Americans want congress to pass legislation restricting military action overseas.

All these data make an unequivocal case for dismantling the MIC and moving towards an economy that works to build America infrastructure and society instead of destroying other countries'. Thankfully there is a growing peace movement in the halls of power, with reps Ro Khanna and Tulsi Gabbard questioning our perpetual war economy. Still, all too many politicians are eager to close their eyes and ears to the devastation abroad, and the cacophony of opposition at home, for MIC dollars. It is up to us to open their eyes and ears and demand an end to these military interventions.

The human toll in terms of death, misery, refugees and famine cannot truly be calculated.

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