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Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

Increase Teacher Pay (75%): Last year, teachers across the country demanded better conditions for themselves and the students they teach. They fought against hostile governors and legislators in West Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, Oklahoma and North Carolina. In each case, within a matter of weeks, the once haughty politicians were broken and forced to give major concessions to the teachers.

Providing a quality education to the next generation is one of our most important charges, and we have not been giving our teachers the resources and compensation they need to properly accomplish such a challenging task. Most American support more money for teachers, even if that means higher taxes, even people without children.It's a sentiment that crosses party lines, too.Nearly 9 in 10 Democrats, 78 percent of independents, and 66 percent of Republicans think teacher salaries are too low.

Now the movement has spread to California, with the LA teachers starting to strike today!We must stand with these courageous educators, as they fight for the very future of our children. The teachers’ unions have reminded us what organized labor power can do when it stands firm against powerful countervailing forces, and demonstrates the power of the people!

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