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To Be Honest

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

There are no polls gauging sentiment about being shot in the stomach, having your pregnancy murdered and then being arrested. It is a good assumption that most people would oppose that scenario.

What we do know is that a majority of people supports Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights and arresting the person who shoots the gun, not the one who receives the bullets.

To be clear, more women, women of color and poor, will be part of this massive effort to penalize sex and politicize pregnancy. Old, white men, generally, will decide that a multitude of women do not need healthcare or contraceptives or prenatal support. Forget pap smears and mammograms. Life is for the fetus not the mother or other women needing basic health resources, both preventative and curative.

Now it is a woman charged in the death of her fetus, because, it is alleged, she started the fight that resulted in her being shot in the stomach. The other woman, the shooter, was released. I guess she wasn’t pregnant.

This is truly a gateway to the next levels of getting arrested while pregnant. Many women have already been charged or investigated after a miscarriage. Which is a very common and not criminal occurrence in the early stages of pregnancy.

Oh woman of color, were you smoking? Drinking? Eating potato chips during gestation? Are you living with an abusive partner or in poverty? You are expendable. You deserve prison. But we care about your fetus.

Of course, until the birth. That is when the indifference to hunger, safety, healthcare and good schools manifest.

And then, too many children are shuttled off to prison, often placed in adult facilities or separated into solitary confinement.

You should have stayed a fetus kid

A few years ago, a student who excelled at swimming was accepted to Stanford. One night, he came upon a woman who was very drunk on campus. So he raped her. Two foreign exchange students interrupted this violent crime, restrained the man who was then arrested.

The victim wrote a searing statement and one of the students who had helped stop the rape and apprehend the rapist, cried during his testimony.

As most people know, the student received a six-month sentence.

His father argued that the son’s life should not be measured by a few minutes of time.

Let us, America, love all of our children. Make certain that they have what they need. And if dealing with systematic racism or the effects of poverty, show imagination and compassion.

Not saying rapists should go free or just serve a few months in prison. But view every child like a rich, white athlete attending an elite school.

Or at the very least, treat all children like they are a fetus.

And of course, Don’t shop on Tuesdays. Each and every week.

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