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The Electoral College

Okay the poll numbers don’t really meet #DSOT’s minimum criteria, which is at least a 60 percent consensus.

Right now, only 53% of people want the popular vote to determine presidential elections. However, a mere 34% favor keeping the current system.

So far eleven states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation opting for the popular vote in the 2020 nationwide election. However, states with at least 270 electoral votes must join the compact for this to become reality.

History lesson. The Founding Fathers created the Electoral Colleges for 2 reasons. One, they didn’t trust the people to elect the President. Good call actually. However, when the members of this body did not fend off a terrible candidate instead of validating him, then it is like a fire extinguisher acting like an accelerant.

The EC was designed to offset the reality of the people- and currently possible foreign actors- from electing a crook, a traitor or grafter. Just a general scenario

The second reason the EC was created was as a salve to the smaller states. When there were just 13 of them. This was before Wyoming population 582,658 versus say California with 40.02 million people were part of our country.

Plus, the Electoral College was never designed as winner takes all but has evolved to such. Thus a candidate now with 50.2% of the vote gets all the electors. Sounds like taxation with representation for basically the other half of the state.

Congress, specifically Mitch McConnell, is not working to offset foreign interference in the next election.

A poll taken before the mid-term elections last year found that a majority of Americans were afraid of foreign interference again and almost 80% were concerned that voting ballots could be hacked.

The Electoral College sits squarely on the shoulders of the men who founded this name. They were wrong about many things including slavery and who should vote.

However they could not have foreseen an age with cyber hacking.

Let’s fix everything all election problems.

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