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The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Actually he was born there in Athens, Georgia. But Brian Kemp is so far removed from democracy imagined in the namesake Greek city.

Brian Kemp worked his way up in Republican politics in the state and finally was appointed, and then elected- maybe- as Secretary of State. In that position, he purged 340,000 voters- a lawsuit says improperly- stealing their franchise.

Then, acting as SOS- nice acronym- he ran for Governor with a platform of hate and a lack of understanding of the economy. Oh and he would shot boys who dated his daughter. He also refused to step down from this oversight position during the gubernatorial election.

Kemp’s opponent was a very progressive, Afro-American woman Democrat. This is Georgia, may I remind you.

And yet with all his voter suppression, Kemp just barely squeaked by with a 50.22% total.

A white man in Georgia. A Republican.

Mr. Kemp, perhaps you should have made it even more difficult for folks to vote and secured yourself a better margin.

Recently, it has been reported that Kemp was so inept at his job as SOS, that sensitive information was exposed and he refused help to make it more secure. And then he lied and said that Democrats had hacked into the files.

Also, please read for yourself all the suppression strategies he used to “win” the Governor’s race.


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