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Purple Llama Crochet: Comfort and Kindness for Unhoused Children

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Yes, small businesses are essential parts of our communities. Charlotte Ward of Delaware founded Purple Llama Crochet, a shop that crafts customized plushies. Part of each sale is used to buy materials to donate these toys to a child or others in a nearby homeless shelter: Ward partners with Family Promise of New Castle County.

A crochet plushie made by Charlotte Ward, founder and owner of Purple Llama Crochet
A crochet plushie made by Charlotte Ward, founder and owner of Purple Llama Crochet

On any night, more than 1000 people face homelessness in the small state of Delaware, with at least 20% being children.

Nationwide: 0.17% of our citizens are unhoused, more than a half million people. Numbers could be much higher and we face the ongoing consequences of skyrocketing rents and housing costs.

Ward, an indigenous woman, wants to provide soft kindness to those struggling with the terror and chaos that being unhoused bring; they offer solace one crochet stitch and toy at a time.

One of the many effects of the massive wealth gap is the growing number of people living unhoused. They are often treated like criminals and are prohibited and bullied from being seen in many cities throughout the United States.

Ward has chosen this shelter in their attempt to assuage those adults and children living on the street or wherever they can.

We all can help. Locate shelters near you. Find out what items are most needed and donate. Treat everyone with consideration and kindness.


Support small, local, underrepresented, and kind businesses like Purple Llama Crochet. and then don't shop on Tuesday

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