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Local Spotlight Always Shines on Shadow Cats TNR and gets Brighter and Brighter

Sometimes it takes looking through the eyes of a small kitten to really understand the amazing work of Shadow Cats TNR.

Yes, this volunteer-powered group has saved thousands of cats. Through TNR- Trap/Neuter/Return- countless felines have been fostered, adopted or "found jobs" as barn cats. They can grace many different types of businesses including breweries and stores. Those who are too feral and must be returned to the community area, are fixed and receive their needed shots.

Thus disease, hunger and misery are massively reduced.

But it could be hard to imagine that. Volunteers always working. Impressive statistics to be certain. How to picture all those cats...

Here comes Rebel:

A cat getting a bath from Shadow Cats TNR

This kitten was found when a mobile home was being demolished in the community where Shadow Cats traps on the weekend. He had paint on his legs, paws, tail, and belly.

Eight baths later, he’s enjoying watching Paw Patrol in his foster home. And receiving all their love and care.

Rebel, a cat, rescued from Shadow Cats TNR

The podcast featuring Shadow Cats TNR will be released in July. Think about how many Rebels now have a happy ending. And so many more in the future through the efforts of Jean Salvatore and her organization.

Shadow Cats TNR


What can you do with the money you don't spend on Tuesday? Consider supporting organizations like Shadow Cats TNR

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