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Please Make It Stop

Most times in life there's no real villian to the story, everything in the world is a bit too complicated and grey, but then there come along moments when it is incredibly obvious who the villains are. Into this analogy, the Republicans from Trump, to Congress, to the party at large, have strode boldly and proudly into the role of enemy of democracy. These enemies of the American way have planted their flag proudly and said they do not want to continue to participate in a democracy with civil liberties if they don't get to win. Trump's brazen phone calls, in which he was caught on tape after calling Georgia's Secretary of State 18 times to get him on the phone and ask him to make up, or find fraudulent votes so that Trump could win the election. The recording has rightfully raised calls for another impeachment on Trump. This is a no brainer, simply on the principle of the matter of upholding core tenets of our Democracy. We should not, though, be holding our breath with the Democratic Party leadership to pursue such bold action, however justified. Clearly Trump cannot undermine the election on his own, he has been shameless at every moment in lying cheating and stealing whatever you can with whatever he get away with, but it is the Republican party who has enabled this lawlessness, marching in lockstep behind Trump, supporting him every step of the way as long as he enriched them and their donors, or hurt the people that they hated. Republican politicians deserve equal blame in this madness, and should not be allowed in public thought, or the political sphere, to put any daylight between themselves the actions of Donald Trump. Even now, at this incredibly late date, there are many Republicans in Congress, both Senators and Representatives, who are openly saying they will reject the election, and the entire democratic process, not based on any actual claims or evidence, but seemingly simply because they do not like the fact that Donald Trump lost, or are simply afraid the backlash that might occur if they do not support Trump. Regardless, of the reasons, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable, it is a direct attack upon our democracy, on our core government institutions, and on the very concept of America. Any so called Congress members who go along with this crazy coup attempt must be disciplined by the Democrats, up to and including refusing to seat them. Donald Trump Should Concede: Immediately After Results: 46% After All Fraud Claims Investigated: 21% These seditious members are trying to undermine the electoral process, and thwart the will of 77% of Americans, who believe that Donald Trump should either have conceded immediately after the election, or after all major fraud claims had been dis-proven (which for anyone counting has happened literally several dozen times in court). We cannot continue to allow a party that openly flouts, questions, and undermines the electoral process and the very concept of elections to hold onto the power structure in the United States. The Democratic Party is no people's party, but they at least believe that the results of elections should count. This type of behavior cannot be rewarded! We must wrest power from the hands of the Republicans, and not forget their seditious activity. Then, we must pressure the Democrats to make good on their promises they've already made, and that they hold the Trump administration and the Republicans accountable. We can't turn the page without balancing the ledger. These big actions will not be easy and will only happen if we push extremely hard to build the economic organizing muscle, and begin to wield power in a way that the powerful oligarchy understands. If we can outlast them, we can get some level of justice, by actually providing consequences for so called public servants who fail to serve the public good. Let's make 2021 the year when the people took back their government and made a new world, more just and equitable than the one before Covid-19! Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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