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Peacefully Don't Shop on Tuesday

Tuesday was originally named for Mars, which is not only a planet but the name of the Roman god of war, and this Roman name for the third day of the week was retained in most of the Romance languages, such as in French (mardi), Spanish (martes), and Italian (martedì), to name a few. But the Germanic peoples instead used the name of the god of war in Germanic mythology, which was Tīw or Tiu (or Tyr, to the Norse). And so we get Tuesday from Old English tīwesdæg, from the name Tīw or Tiu, the Germanic god of war, and dæg (“day”). It’s Tiu’s day.

More and more people are joining this safe/simple/elegant united protest movement.

By just deciding when and where and how we collectively shop, in aggregate we have

tremendous power.

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