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Pass HR 1- Let's Honor John Lewis and Stand Up to the Attacks on Voting and our Democracy

Memorial Day is a remembrance and celebration of people who have died in military service. Our military is too often misused by those in power, but at the same time, the vast majority of those who serve, do so idealistically. We must be able to criticize the institution of the American Armed Forces as a tool for the interests of the powerful, while not damning everyone involved, especially those lower in the ranks. We send you, impressionable people to die in far off lands, and tell them it’s to protect the great democracy we have at home. This has, of course, nearly always been a lie, but after 4 years of Trump and his Republicans, culminating in a violent insurrection attempt on January 6th the claims seem extra laughable. There are still insurrectionists actively serving in the House and the Senate! The Republican party has indeed learned a lesson, it learned it can attempt anything to steal an election and there will be no consequences. The resulting deluge of voter restriction laws tells the story clearly. Yet people like Joe Manchin, and other conservative Democrats continue to spit in the faces of those who died in service to our Democracy, as well as their family members, pretending they can work with Republicans. The Republican party is no longer interested in a fair contest, and thus voting rights legislation can’t be passed in a bipartisan manner.

Instead of being corrupt shills, carrying water for the same donors the Republicans have, Joe Manchin should listen to the American people and pass HR1!! Prompt:

The Senate is currently considering the For The People Act. Supporters of the bill say it would limit the influence of big money in politics by empowering small donors; make voting easier and more secure; end gerrymandering through independent redistricting commissions; and give the public more information about who is lobbying Congress. Opponents say it would be an overreach by the federal government and is a partisan power grab. Question: Do you support or oppose the For The People Act? Support: 62% Oppose: 23% Don’t Know: 15% It’s time for Joe Biden to assert himself as President. He has claimed that HR 1 is an essential bill for the fate of our Democracy. If so, he cannot allow a member of his own party to stand in the way of its passage. If he wants to be remembered at all, he needs to begin applying carrots and sticks to these intransigent Senators. Of course, the real problem is that Joe Biden isn’t a man who’s ready to fight for a cause, even one so tied to his own political survival. As always, it’s going to take people power, from organized outside pressure to move the needle and get both Joe’s behind protecting our democracy. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time, but if we join together both politically and economically, we may be able to turn the good ship America away from authoritarianism, and back towards democracy. Join us each Tuesday, to help us build the economic cudgel we’ll need to fight the donor class who wants to maintain its vice-grip on our politics! Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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