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Operation Shoestring - Some Great News from Mississippi

This incredible organization provides year-round academic, social and emotional support to children in central Jackson from pre-K – 12th grade. At the same time, Operation Shoestring bolsters and provides resources to their families. The aim is to empower the children and families to create their own success, which will coalesce and grow into their community. Continually, with the creation of trust and friendship and needed services, everyone rises together.

For more than a half century, since its founding in 1968 by faith-based leaders, the goal has been to uplift the community by recognizing the need for after school and summer programs. The people in this organization keep in contact with the children and their families offering a solid and strong ally as more people gain through education, better health and self-sufficiency.

All the people working with this organization have an ethos of caring and adhere to the bedrock principles of equity and civil rights. These timeless ideals have served Operation Shoestring from the seminal days of its founding up to today. And certainly will continue into the future.

It is not easy to protect and encourage children in a state with some of the worst poverty in the country.

Strategic partnerships with a growing coalition of community stakeholders provide families with an ever-expanding list of services including financial counseling, educational workshops, social services, and more. It is a mutually beneficial association that promotes growth and advancement together.

To truly impact a child's future, you must invest in their schools, their families and their communities.

Operation Shoestring serves as the hosting organization for a statewide initiative that connects afterschool and summer program providers, parents, and policymakers with resources to improve the quality of and access to afterschool and summer programming for school-age children and youth.

Here are people who care and champion students and their families. And of course provide fun and joy for these amazing children.


What can you do with the money you don't spend on Tuesday? Consider supporting organizations like Operation Shoestring #DSOT

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