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One Half a Trillion Dollars/ Only for Business with NO Oversight NO Disclosure

How are the rest of us faring?

Before the pandemic and the accompanying economic depression, two in three Americans felt that their financial situation had not improved since Trump got into office! Nearly 50% of Americans couldn't handle a $400 unexpected expense, and hundreds of thousands went bankrupt from medical expenses. Such was the supposed "booming economy" so many pundits and politicians wish to return to. Of course, now we are months into a pandemic and massive unemployment. Reeling from tens of millions newly without jobs, sky-rocketing medical expenses, looming rent and mortgage payments, and a rapidly approaching expiration for unemployment benefits, the government, the few parts still functioning, has responded by trying to reopen various state's economies, against CDC guidelines. This wildly irresponsible move, has given many the wrong impression about the severity of COVID-19, which even now is surging in over 30 states! The American people don't want to be forced into this Hobson's choice they want the government to let the stay home while providing everyone with the economic stimulus they need to weather this catastrophe.

Was the $1200 stimulus check sufficient, or should the government continue to give stimulus checks until the pandemic has ended?

Checks for remainder of pandemic: 82%

It's often the exception that proves the rule. Even as the people are near unanimous in their clamor for direct cash payments, the bills by Senator Sanders and Representative Jayapal were given no serious consideration by either Republicans or Democrats. The ideological rigidity on display is truly astounding, blind to both good policy and even good politics! The ongoing BLM protests show, however, that when popular policy, too long ignored by supple spined politicians, is coupled with organized mass action and an economic threat, change can indeed be extracted from the elites! If we are to hold killer cops accountable, let alone secure the economic prosperity of Americans and transform this country into a more socially conscious society, it's going to take an enduring collective movement of commensurate size and power, to the forces of economic oppression and bigotry we face! To create that better future will require the stamina to outlast the powers that be, and convince them that there is no choice but to change or lose everything. Don’t miss this chance as the gears of history are turning quickly to change our country for the better. Participate (safely) in the BLM protests, contact your representatives to make sure your voice is heard, give your time and money to progressives causes, and join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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