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Not Supreme and Unfortunately a Court

SCOTUS Is Illegitimate and Must Be Fought

Happy belated 4th of July. As we celebrated our nation's independence from the monarchical rule of the British Empire we must unfortunately confront the fact that if something major doesn't change soon, our experiment in democratic governance may be coming to a tragic end. We are set upon at all sides, from feckless and corrupt politicians who gerrymander their districts and take bribes, i mean campaign contributions, from corporate interests, to an far reaching coup attempt, led by the losing party of last election, as well as reactionary judges stripping away our rights with reckless and viscous abandon. The January 6 trials loom large in this landscape, and especially after last week's explosive testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows' former aide. It's clear at this point that crimes have been committed and the plans go all the way to the top, and there are still many more witness testimonies yet to come. Once again, we must put off discussing this treasonous behavior in full to finish out our coverage of one of the most dangerous organizations in the world today, the Supreme Court of the United States. Scotus has finally released the last of its opinions and ended its session for the summer. Last week, scotus released its decision of WV vs EPA, a case concerning the scope of the EPAs authority. The 6-3 conservative majority of course chose to dismantle the administrative state in favor of corporate oligarchy, limiting the EPAs authority to regulate power plants en masse.. This decision is horrible not just because it is deeply unpopular, and restricts the government from taking desperately needed action on the climate crisis, but also because lile many of this new court's opinions, the precedent set will have profound reverberations. We should expect to see more shacks placed on the EPA and any other government agencies designed to protect the people from the rapacious behavior of corporations. These zealots and extremists cannot be allowed to stymie and destroy our proverbial public square, and take away our freedoms without resistance. This court is illegitimate not just because the scotus seats were stolen and multiple justices lied under oath. We need a reformation or transformation of the courts, be it court packing, assigning terms limits, judicial ethics standards, and the impeachment of the lying justices like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Thomas. Without these steps and more, the court will never be an ally for the people. These steps, even the most modest ones still seem far from reach with the current democratic party, but we must get started. Until the court is delegitimized and its partisan rulings are treated like political attacks we will continue to be under a minority oligarchy of 9. This cannot stand! We must join together in solidarity, for it us only when we combine our creative and moral forces we can take on these unrepresentative systems of power. We need to hit these oligarchs where it hurts: their wallets. So join us each Tueaday as we build and economic cudgel to help labor and the 99% fight back and reclaim our disappearing rights! #DSOT #UPM

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