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No One Is Above the Law/ Our Elections Must be Free of Foreign Interference

Last week, we learned of yet another attack on our democratic elections, originating not from a foreign source, but a domestic one. In his latest, and perhaps most overtly illegal activity, Donald Trump has once again taken aim at the foundations of our democracy, as he sees his legitimate electoral hopes in danger. The illegal and impeachable offenses of the Trump administration are myriad, from his flagrant violations of the emoluments clause, his Muslim ban, his re-appropriations of military funds against Congress’ wishes to build his border wall, and on and on. Atop this mountainous haybale of criminality finally came the proverbial back-breaking straw in the form of Trump threatening the Ukrainian President with withholding Congressionally appropriated money to Ukraine, unless the Ukrainians would produce politically damaging information on Trump’s electoral rivals. This move struck so deeply at the heart of our political process, that even the perennially feckless house Democrats we forced to summon their courage, and begin to do their constitutional duty. As usual, these “leaders” are late to the party the American people have been demanding. Let’s see what Americans think of Trump’s behavior on the Ukraine phone call: How serious of a problem is it that President Trump encouraged the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter? Serious: 64% Not Serious: 36% If you’ve been following these issues for the past year at DSOT, frankly, the most stunning aspect of this situation, is that the Democrats felt that a mere 2:1 margin of support among the American populace, was sufficiently overwhelming to provoke action. And just look at what even small actions can accomplish: within a matter of days, support for impeachment has swung 13 points, with more Americans than not supporting such action. But even as the political landscape is changing before our very eyes, we must remain vigilant to ensure that our representatives continue to press for accountability and justice. The Republican party is reeling from these revelations, yet currently they have maintained their anti-democracy stance with their usual discipline. Meanwhile, the Democrats are already suggesting a limited scope around impeachment, a move that would be disastrous politically, and permanently excuse the majority of criminality of this Whitehouse. We must demand more of our politicians, and let them know that only a complete and thorough investigation into the serious wrongdoings of the Trump administration followed by extensive articles of impeachment will begin to bring this country back towards a representative democracy.

Let your representatives know that they must hold the Trump administration accountable for their criminal and impeachable activities, and that the impeachment inquiry must be broader than just the Ukraine call! Contact info can be found at:

Help us take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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