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No Boundaries Coalition

Highlighting this incredible resident advocacy group working in the heart of Baltimore City.

Here, where the disparity among neighborhoods is far too pronounced, this organization is working tirelessly to erase, well, boundaries for a unified community.

To help offset the Black Butterfly of Baltimore, No Boundaries is focused on knitting together neighborhoods. And the residents.

There are so many groups focused on creating change in their communities. It is an honor to have a space to highlight such efforts. is also working to align an entire spectrum of activists and organizations to join the weekly consumer boycott. People continue to fight for their families, neighborhoods as well as the country and planet.

And each week, we invite everyone to join with countless others to not make any discretionary purchases on Tuesday.

We unite by not doing something. Together. And create a growing economic cudgel.

Thank you to each person working toward a better future.

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