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Make Anything Not War

With Congress finally back from recess, Chuck Schumer had promised important votes on parts of the Democrat’s build back better agenda, as well as voting rights. After showing little aptitude for leading his caucus in the Senate during 2021, the cynics suspect this merely a face-saving gesture by Schumer, with no real intention of passing legislation. The realists expect that regardless of his intent, Schumer’s track record portends failure. Only the recklessly optimistic, or naïve are betting on the House or Senate to deliver meaningful change. In fact, the only areas in which Congress shows any ability for action are appointing judges, and funding the war machine. In a time of hyper-partisan division, where everything from vaccines to free elections are politically divisive, Democratic and Republican representatives still unite in the steadfast task of taking America’s bounty and converting it into implements of death and destruction. The penny pinching never stops when it comes to providing for the American people, but every year the Pentagon’s cup runneth over, with billions in excess funding. Congress’ military funding proclivities hardly stop at our own borders, Saudi Arabia, and Israel perennially receive near unanimous support for emergency defense spending bills, and just this past week, amidst rising tensions with Russia, Ukraine became the latest recipient of security assistance. After the invasions of Georgia and Crimea, there are certainly reasons to be concerned with Russian military action, but to frame this as solely a case of Russian aggression misses much of the story. Despite promises to the contrary after the fall of the Soviet Union, the United Sates has continued its expansion of NATO eastward, inviting former members of the USSR into the military alliance. Putin has made it clear, that adding Ukraine, which shares a border with Russia, into NATO is the source of conflict for on the Russian side. The Biden administration, however, seems unwilling to consider halting NATO’s expansion. All too often our leaders mistake militarism and violence for strength. Despite preaching diplomacy and claiming “all options are on the table,” it is the sword, not the pen that Presidents generally reach for. There are no easy answers, but Biden needs to be truly strong, break the cycle of escalation, and tamp down the war drums pounded by many in Congress and the media. Thankfully, seeking a peaceful resolution with Russia and Ukraine is not only the right thing to do, it’s also popular: The United States and Russia have recently conducted talks about Russia's aggression towards Ukraine, but those talks have so far not succeeded in reducing tensions. Some argue that the United States must put all diplomatic options on the table and be prepared to make concessions to Russia in order to reduce tensions and avoid war. Others argue that meeting any of Russia's demands will allow their actions to go unchecked and that only forceful tactics like sanctions and military action are appropriate. Based on what you know, would you support or oppose the Biden administration striking a diplomatic deal with Russia to avoid war over Ukraine?

Support Oppose

Total. 58% 29%

Democrats. 71%. 17%

Independents 51% 33%

Republicans . 46% 40% The American people are simply tired of war. They know, that as Eisenhower said, every bomb and bullet we use in conflict, is one not spent on our people at home. The great danger here, beyond the devastation of a hot war, is the re-ignition of a Cold War, in which even more of our resources are funneled towards military supremacy abroad at the expense of Americans at home. The war machine is powerful, reaching into nearly every district in America, keeping our politicians bribed and supportive, and thus if we aren’t careful, instead of pushing for progress, we may be sleep walking into war. The military industrial complex controls not just with guns, but with gold, and we need not just political and moral authority, but economic power in our struggle for peace. To prevent America from falling back into the familiar rhythms of the war drums, it will take an organized and united power movement, standing up and providing a countervailing force. So join us each Tuesday calling for peaceful resolutions to conflict, and a government that works for all of us! #DSOT #UPM

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