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LA Bucket Brigade - To End Petrochemical Industry Destruction of Louisiana

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is a grassroots environmental justice organization that partners with local community organizations fighting to protect their neighborhoods from industrial pollution and the expansion of the petrochemical industry. This amazing group has been fighting for fenceline neighbors in Louisiana on their own terms for over 20 years. What that means is that these environmental activists don't tell the people living in the communities what they need, but rather provide the support being requested. That includes scientific expertise, legal support, media outreach, and so much more. Why? Because people actually residing somewhere, especially embattled neighborhoods and parishes, know what is required.

For decades, the oil and gas industry has held a stranglehold over Louisiana, the elected officials, and too many of the state's institutions. With much of the petrochemical industry facing increasing competition from the adoption of renewables, and limited growth opportunities from softening demand, these corporations are focused on two major last-ditch efforts to stay relevant (and of course profitable): plastics and fracked gas exports. These greedy corporations only want more with little or no regard for the environmental harm and massive human costs.

In St. James Parish, LA Bucket Brigade teamed up with RISE St. James and Inclusive Louisiana to fight Formosa Plastics' plans to build the largest plastics manufacturing complex in the western hemisphere. This would double toxic emissions in a community already overburdened by industrial pollution. Formosa's planned site is less than two miles from an elementary school and the sacred, final resting place of the enslaved ancestors of St. James residents. In southwest Louisiana and the Mississippi River Delta, this group is battling to save this coastal region, uniting together with the communities that rely on it for their jobs and way of life. The mission is to protect the area from gas export terminals. The corporate motivation is to make massive profits by shipping fracked gas (so-called "natural" gas) overseas. This puts dangerous facilities right in the path of ever-stronger hurricanes, caused by many factors including fracking.

Gas extraction and exports have been driving up energy costs for everyone as well as devastating the environment. And for what- bigger profits for extraction companies at the harm of every aspect and person in our communities. What can you do to help this incredible group of activists? Their answer: You can support our efforts by


What can do you do with the money you don't spend on Tuesdays? Consider supporting organizations like the LA Bucket Brigade.


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