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Just Do It/Build It/Expand and Support What More than 80% of Us Want & Need

Joe Manchin, Senator from one of the poorest states in the country, apparently doesn’t see the urgency in passing the $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure package through reconciliation. At least that’s what he has been saying on the Sunday talk shows this past weekend. This as the delta variant of Covid continues to rip through the country overloading our hospitals and devastating hurricanes and wildfires bring death and destruction to our cities and towns. Manchin says this amidst skyrocketing housing prices, and surging homelessness, even as the meagre protections put in place, like an eviction moratorium and unemployment benefits have expired. On top of all that, our government has once again kicked the can down the road when dealing with our debt and deficit, and many are playing political games with our looming debt ceiling/spending limit at the end of September.

To be told there is no urgency to this situation, by Joe Manchin a rich, corrupt coal baron who writes the very rules that enrich himself, is truly galling, and utterly American. But while Manchin is emblematic of the corruption in our system, there are signs that a new day may be slowly dawning. Some Democratic lawmakers, like AOC and Bernie Sanders, are finally bringing the fight to the corporatists, insisting that the American people actual get a slice of the pie this time around. It is a welcome sight, amidst a normally bleak political landscape.

Strong, principled resistance and advocacy like this is only possible, because of how popular these infrastructure deals are with the American people (as we’ve discussed many times before at DSOT), and how truly desperate the situation is on the ground, despite protestations by Manchin, et. al. to the contrary. Without Americans paying close attention and clamoring for change, even the crumbs Manchin is willing to throw us wouldn’t be forthcoming no matter what Bernie and AOC say.

80+% - Americans support infrastructure spending

66% - Americans want funding to be paid for with higher taxes on the wealthy

This massive support for these policies, at this moment, however, give progressives leverage, and so far they are holding strong. As the deadlines loom, and this game of political chicken, played with the lives and livelihoods of Americans reaches the breaking point, it is critical that Americans show their support to the politicians actually representing the people. When these kinds of negotiations get down to the line, it’s easy for many provisions which help ordinary people to be scuttled in favor of legislation that helps the donors.

Only through constant vigilance, active organizing, and vocal support will the American people provide the backstop for our brave political servants during this critical infrastructure fight. Without the economic and political support of everyday people, even well meaning and brave politicians may well fall short. So join us each Tuesday as we fight for a brighter tomorrow, where America finally invests in all its people, not just the wealthy donors.

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