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Immigrants are the New Gays

As in scapegoats/diversions/look over there while we steal your money, jobs and healthcare.

What do you if as elected officials your focus is purely on the very wealthy and corporate donors? And from time to time you need a war for the industries that count on periodic invasions by the United States.

Now imagine that at the same time, not only are you, person who should be representing all their constituents, are in fact sending jobs overseas, trying to eliminate healthcare for millions while ignoring the destruction of the planet.

So while you, person ideally elected to help all the citizens, are in fact just errand boys (and girls) for banks, pharmaceutical companies and the war machine, you actually eliminate programs that attempt to help our environment and deal with the problems currently and historically facing our country. Sure cut funding for opioid abuse and try to starve public education.

Won’t the people, 99% of them, start to realize? Well, in the tradition of a good carnival barker, one must distract.

George W. Bush, who hobbled out of the Presidency with a 25% approval rating after overseeing a disastrous foreign policy, endorsing torture and wrecking the economy; used the gay community to divert attention. On no homosexuals want to get married. Look over there while the housing market crumbles. (In truth, the Bush administration demonized the LGBTQ community before the cracks in the economy finally exploded. But frankly, there were too many policies during his term that could not bear any type of scrutiny so scapegoats were needed for the entire 8 years.)

Now the hobgoblins are immigrants. Let’s be frank, immigrants of color. Donald Trump officially launched his campaign by maligning Mexicans- saying that country sent their worst people here.

No subtlety or dog whistles.

And then in 2018, the While House and Fox News shivered in their socks about caravans coming through the southern border. Groups of terrorized and terrified people taking the arduous trek to find some level of safety, solace and a way out of extreme poverty.

Of course the GOP has used the tactics of voter suppression, gerrymandering and outright cheating to offset the majority of citizens who do not want gruel for them and everything else for the wealthy class. When the policies are that unfair, there needs to be an array of strategies to keep such politicians in office.

Stand up by not shopping. Every Tuesday. Show that we, the 99%, in even part are so much bigger than the corporate class who use government officials as the hired help.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. #DSOT

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