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If the GOP can Unite Around Treason, then Democrats Should Coalesce to Help Us. All in favor....

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week: Biden is Popular, Checks More-so Hopefully our government can walk and chew gum at the same time, because while we're impeaching Donald Trump, we are still in the middle of multiple crises, or as Joe Biden likes to say, in one of the darkest winters in America's history. The dire situation means there is an imperative for the Democrats to act quickly and decisively to pass popular and much needed legislation in whatever way possible. Put simply, there is no time to negotiate with the bad faith Republicans, who would rather see the government fail than the Democrats succeed. It is simply unacceptable to allow Democrats to scuttle promises they made directly to the voters of America in order to give the Democrats control of the Senate! Checks were promised to the American people and if Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden cannot whip the votes, then there is a reckoning coming in 2022! We must listen to Bernie Sanders who explains that the Democrats are going to be crushed if they do not deliver, and deliver quickly for the American people! The Democrats must immediately get the vaccines out and get checks out. Joe Biden and is currently riding on a popularity high, it's very clear that people are glad to have turned the page on Donald Trump and that era of kakistocracy, but at the same time the 62% approval rating the Joe Biden has is going to evaporate if he does not pursue policies that even more popular than he is. The easiest and simplest way to do that is to pass those $2000 checks, a massively popular bill as we have pointed out before, but the Democrats should go bolder: Do you Support or Oppose $2,000 per month direct cash payment to every person for the duration of the pandemic? Support: 66% Oppose: 32% That’s right, sending monthly $2000 checks to the American people is more popular a policy than Joe Biden is president! So get it done Joe! We want bold action, we don't want excuses why the democrats couldn't deliver. Joe Biden and the Democrats have to use the power that has been granted to them without fear, if they are going to create a situation in which We not only have a country that survives into the future but one in which they survive as a governing party over this next cycle. If politicians really are about their legacies if Biden truly recognizes this is the “darkest winter,” he should act on it! Passing the $2000 checks, even monthly ones is just the beginning! $15 minimum wage, student loan forgiveness, universal healthcare, and on and on. The time to act, the tie for change it now! The fear of course, is that Joe Biden and his party won’t bold in a time that needs brave leaders. During times like these if they cannot step up and deliver, if they can't figure out how to wield the powers were given to them, they will quickly find them taken away, and frankly they will deserve it! The only tragedy is that the process through which they fail results in so many, many deaths, and so much suffering! We deserve leaders that are going to follow through on their promises! So rather than just hope, let us make sure through our actions we make it clear that we want the Democrats to follow through on their promises, and that we will hold them responsible if they do not! Finally, we need an economic angle, not just a political one, because the reality is that much of what stops the Democratic Party from acting in the people's interest, as we all know, is the donor class who worries about their profits over people's lives. If we, together, through our activism, through our organizing, every Tuesday can create enough of an economic cudgel, we can begin to shift the calculus by the donor class, so they start to let the Democrats respond to the will of the American people. Join us each Tuesday in growing that project and let us make sure that the government starts working for the people , and force Joe Biden to have a legacy worth talking about.

Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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