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Hey World: Don’t Shop on Tuesdays

nie kupuj we wtorki

non fare acquisti il martedì

dienstags nicht einkaufen

ne magasinez pas le mardi

no Shop els dimarts

не пазаруват във вторниците


paid â siopa ar ddydd Mawrth

We are all immigrants and guests on this planet. Even if someone was born in the country where they currently reside, somewhere in the ancestral chain, people immigrated. Languages and customs can be different but we are all worthy of respect and dignity.

#DSOT has shown that Americans are more united than divided. There are dozens of issues that have a super majority consensus, crossing all demographic lines.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it will come round each week. Show your power by not shopping for 24 hours. Wield an economic cudgel. 99 %- or a fraction thereof- will always be bigger than 1%.

We can change things by demonstrating our size and economic prowess.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. It sounds great in any language.

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