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Happy Birthday #DSOT and A Tragic Anniversary

Don't Shop on Tuesdays

Happy Birthday DSOT! Amazing as it seems, we are commemorating the one year anniversary of the Boycott for Our Democracy! We've grown by leaps and bounds since then, but needless to say, our government remains in the thrall of special interests and greedy oligarchy, and our struggle continues.

Below we continue our series highlighting policies with over 60% support which are ignored by our supposed representative democracy.

Unrepresentative Policy - Immigration Policy #1 A little over a year ago, the Trump administration began operating concentration camps on our southern border, a fact that only few of our progressive politicians have finally acknowledged. While the scope and vision of DSOT has clearly expanded, it was this specific horror that originally spurred us into action. Growing up Jewish, I had often wondered how the world had fallen into such madness during the 1930s-40s, and how people had allowed such injustice and inhumanity to flourish in their own societies.

There has been endless discussion post WWII on this topic, which, given our current situation, we would all be wise to review. For me, the most salient piece on the growth of fascism in society came from a passage in Milton Mayer's book: They Thought They Were Free. I encourage everyone to read that passage, and then ask yourself, "How high has the corn grown?"

To be a part of DSOT is to be alarmed at what is going on in our country. To see the injustice, inhumanity, and corruption growing in our political system and spreading throughout the populace and to stand up and say "No more! I see these beginnings and refuse to allow us to walk this path!"

Luckily, for all its deep faults, America in 2019, is not Germany of the 1930s, the people are on our side:

Do you think that parents who try to bring themselves and their children into this country illegally should be kept together or separated while their cases are being processed? Kept Together: 88%

Nearly 9 in 10 of us shrink in revulsion when confronted with our actions at the border. All to often, however, our busy, distracting lives give us the luxury of looking away and ignoring the suffering of these people, these children. Looking away, though, is not without cost, our inaction is letting children die in cages.

This is just the beginning of an examination on our beliefs around immigration. As we delve into what is considered one of the most contentious subjects in modern day America, we will find surprising areas of agreement ignored by our politicians in order to divide us up and keep our political will from manifesting.

The climate crisis all but guarantees that issues around immigration and refugees will continue to grow in scale and severity. Despite Trump's best efforts, we must never lose sight of the humanitarian catastrophe being perpetrated in our names, and we must reject loudly and clearly this step towards dehumanization and exploitation of the vulnerable. Stand up, resist, and DSOT before it is too late!

Let your representatives know how important stopping concentration camps in America is to you, contact info can be found at:

Help us take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians:

Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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