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GOP & Some Dems Working for the Very Rich/Want to Destroy Social Security.

No Matter What They Say, Republicans Are Coming For Your Social Security ​​​​​ One of the things that we consistently do at DSOT is point out the underlying system of corruption fueled by campaign donations, also known as bribery from the donor class and corporations, to control and constrain our politicians. This happens on both sides of the aisle, with only the identities, not the activities, changing between the Republican and Democratic parties, and inevitably leads to a government which cannot serve the will of the people. But it's important not to forget that while a great deal of overlap exists, there are real differences between these two parties, for example each party’s attitude towards Social Security. Republicans, have since the very creation of Social Security, tried relentlessly to undermine, and privatize it. By word and deed, Republicans have made it a core principle of their party and their ideology to try to dismantle this incredibly popular and effective government program that serves as an insurance against poverty in old age. Social Security is the perfect example of how government can effectively intervene in perpetuity in the lives of people for the betterment of society. We pay into it, we are entitled to it, and since its inception, Social Security has never missed a payment. This type of enduring success is the bane of a conservative capitalist class whose individualist ideology hates the existence of such collective, society-building government programs. So, we've seen throughout the decades Republicans’ constant efforts to undermine the Social Security system legislatively by decreasing benefits or raising the retirement age, using the excuse of the solvency of the Social Security fund. Whenever the specter of fund insolvency is raised, we must keep in mind two things. First, even if the worst hopes/fears of the Republicans are realized and the Social Security trust fund runs out in 10 years, the program itself will continue to pay in-perpetuity around 80% of all benefits owed. Less than ideal for sure, but hardly the apocalypse Republicans are fearmongering over. Secondly, we know many ways to deal with the depleting trust fund, the most straightforward of which is to remove the cap on taxable income. Currently income above $160,200 is not taxed to pay into the program, and because of rampant income and wealth inequality, this single change would ensure the Social Security fund remains solvent for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, despite obvious prescriptions to these “concerns”, the attacks on Social Security continue. The immense popularity of the program with Americans makes it difficult, if not impossible, to attack Social Security head-on. As even Donald Trump as pointed out, many Republican voters like their Social Security benefits, making it bad politics on both sides to be seen attacking it. Therefore, to destroy popular, universal programs one must be clever. The current attempt involves a two-step, first using the gridlock Congress to prevent any legislation that might raise the cap on taxation, and then attempting to cause a panic over the impending “insolvency,” which can be solved with the “cost-saving” measures, like raising the retirement age. The end goal is to move the vast sums paid into Social Security out of the government’s hands and into the portfolios of private insurance and hedge funds who can make large returns off this treasure through management fees. The bottom line is, the mission to destroy Social Security and other universal programs is deeply written into the DNA of the Republican political class and the donors they serve. Never doubt, despite any reassurances they might give, they are coming for our Social Security. Here, the best defense is a good offense. We cannot stand by, trying to hold the breach, as year after year Republicans sap the foundations of our welfare state. Instead, we must expand Social Security: we must raise the cap, expand benefits, and lower the age at which one can retire and take advantage of the benefits. Social Security is a massively popular, and incredibly effective program. It is proof positive that America can intervene effectively and materially in the lives of its citizens when it acts for the common good, instead of just the wealthy donor class. Americans want and desperately need more programs cut from Social Security’s clothe. So, join us each Tuesday in growing economic solidarity to show Republicans that they cannot take away the benefits and entitlements that we paid into! Don't shop on Tuesday! #DSOT #UPM

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