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Fuel Me Once

It may be hard to remember during the days of this Unitary Presidency and do-nothing Congress, but only a few short years ago, during the Obama administration, nearly every Republican politician and pundit would regularly rant about overreach by the federal government and fundamental importance of "states rights." It must have been a coincidence that at the time Republicans controlled 30+ state legislatures while unable to capture the executive branch at a national level. These Republicans fought tooth and nail to prevent any interference from the federal government on how they ran their states, going so far as to deny federal grant money for Medicare expansion, undoubtedly killing many in the process.    Now, with the tables turned, the Republicans in control of the federal government and facing resistance from Democratically controlled states, Trump and these same Republicans have abandoned "states rights," in favor of forcing their unrepresentative dictates upon the people, exposing this talking point as nothing more than a ruse in the pursuit of power. One of the latest such examples of hypocrisy can be seen in the Trump administration's pursuit of preventing states like California from creating stricter fuel efficiency standards. As usual, this is wildly out of step with the desires of the American people:

Do you favor setting higher emissions standards for automobiles? Favor: 66%

In an effort to represent their constituents, California and 22 other states have filed a lawsuit to prevent the Trump administration from hamstringing their efforts at representing their voters with environmental responsibility. For now, it appears that the courts are siding with the plaintiffs, but with Moscow Mitch flooding the court system with partisan conservative activist judges, the American people cannot rely on the courts to be our steady ally. If we are to bring democratic representation back to America, it will take a broad and enduring movement of people, demanding change and putting pressure on the powerful. Only through enduring socio-political-economic movements like DSOT can we hope to achieve our goals. Join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!  ________________________________________________ Let friends and families, let them know about this growing movement, and how they can help us take back our democracy if they Don't Shop on Tuesdays!  Send their email address to

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