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ENOUGH. We Have the People/the Power and Know the Issues. Unite

Heading Off Minority Agendas

​The environmental, social, and political events of the past several months should hopefully have convinced people that the time has never been more urgent to realize a people's agenda. Yet, in many ways, we are farther from that goal then we have been in decades. We outline every week at DSOT an example of an ignored or sidelined policy, which, if enacted, would be part of the people's agenda. Moving us towards a government creating the society the vast majority wants. We've seen time and again, however, that it is not the people's voice in this so-called democracy that carries the day on policy agendas, but rather powerful economic actors who determine our policy choices whether the decisions are popular or not. Only through organizing from the grassroots, connecting individuals and their seemingly separate causes together, can we begin to combat this concentrated economic power. It is urgent that we merge the constellation of causes supported by the people, realizing our common purpose and power. We must act, and see that each of our struggles are interrelated and interconnected. Americans need to stand in solidarity on policy, saying “your fight is my fight!” If we don't act together to create this economic block, then forces like Project 2025, a literal donor-backed, Heritage foundation funded program may very well succeed in enacting unpopular, unrepresentative Republican policies after the next election. We know that the levers of power are constructed in such a way that one does not need to win the popular vote in order to wield power in this country. Minority rule, often rules the day and so it is more important than ever that we organize not just politically but economically. Efforts like the 2025 project will have deep pockets and they will not stop until it is unprofitable and harmful to their ambitions to continue. Achieving this requires a combining of political and economic power that unites the disparate struggles of civil rights, human rights, economic rights, women's rights, and on and on. We must join together in solidarity to make sure that come 2025 it is the people's agenda and a representative government that occurs, not this donor backed farce. So, join us each Tuesday in growing solidarity as we attempt to connect these disparate forces and realize the power of the 99%! #DSOT #UPM

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