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Elected Officials Should Have Majority Support

Normally we cover specific policies, not politicians in our unrepresentative government. This is partly to keep the focus on the rules which govern and shape society, rather than political personalities, good or bad. Tragically, we find ourselves in a political and media landscape which all too often ignores policy in favor of political spectacle, and treats our politicians as players in a grand soap opera, instead of serious public servants struggling to fix the problems plaguing are nation and our world. This dynamic is at least partly responsible for the rise and continued relevance of Donald Trump, and the reign of reality TV politics.

Donald Trump, more than just being an individual personality, or an avatar of Republican ideals, represents a new (in modern American politics) philosophy on governance, which, depending on the results of the next 14 months, could be adopted or repudiated by the American people. And thus the question of Donald Trump's approval is very relevant for how representative and responsive our democracy is.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Trump is handling ... Presidency Overall:   Disapprove 62% Gun Policy:                 Disapprove 61% Health Care:                Disapprove 60% Foreign Policy:           Disapprove 61% Immigration:               Disapprove 60% 

In nearly every major policy area polled, six in ten Americans disapprove of how Donald Trump is performing his job. Even the "exception" pointed to, of his handling of the economy (51% disapproval), shows the depths of American's dislike for Trump. This man and his ideology don't represent America, and as his behavior increasingly spirals out of control, it is long past time to remove him from office.

Being a complete incompetent and buffoon, are grounds for losing an election, and come 2020, if Trump is still in office, the American people will have a chance to remove him. But Trump is not just an incompetent and a buffoon, he's a criminal, and quite possibly undergoing age and stress related mental decline. Our representatives in government have an obligation to use the tools at their disposal (Impeachment and 25th Amendment) to hold this profoundly unpopular criminal to account. Anything less, will set a dangerous precedent, tacitly approving of the monstrous and illegal behavior this man and his administration have perpetrated! The American people have already spoken loudly and clearly against Trump, it's time for our representatives to listen, if not to our voices calling for action, then from the clamoring of their donors as we wield our united economic power!

Let your representatives know that they must act swiftly, publicly and creatively, to hold the Trump administration accountable! Contact info can be found at:

Help us take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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