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Do You Like Being Mocked?

While testifying about loved ones dying from gun violence? A small group of male legislators wore large pearl necklaces over their suits in the New Hampshire statehouse. The legislation being considered is referred to as a “red flag bill”- which allows family members and law enforcement to restrict gun access to individuals who could pose harm to themselves or others.

For example, if you suspect your (fill in the blank) might shot up a school/church/concert/bar… add your own sad example, you could use this law to try to keep that person away from guns.

In case you missed the dry wit of these elected officials, the necklaces were to symbolize that people are clutching their pearls over a mass killing every other day. (If you are too young to understand the phrase it means overly hysterical.)

Silly people. These GOP legislators up in New Hampshire and around the country are not there to represent you. Or your family.

A clear majority of Americans want more restrictions on guns but don’t believe that elected officials will act on this. What people need goes beyond closing loopholes in background checks.

Demand to be represented without condescension and snark. All of us collectively are more powerful than the NRA.

You don’t have to dress up to Not Shop On Tuesdays.

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