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Deep Sigh: Anytime But Especially During a Pandemic: Medicare 4 All

Don't be fooled, we are not in a second wave of COVID-19. Yes, the number of cases is surging in the majority of states, yes hospitals are over-flowing, yes states are beginning to halt their re-openings, but this is not a second wave. Seeing such statements many might think that Donald Trump had hijacked this email and was spreading a misinformation campaign, denying the reality of this ever worsening catastrophe. This is not the second wave of the pandemic, not because things aren't as bad as they have ever been (they are), not because we are succeeding in slowing down the spread (we aren't), but because we are still in the tail end of the First wave! All that suffering, the sacrifice, the quarantining, the suspension of daily life, of hopes and dreams, job aspirations, weddings, birthdays, in person voting, the list of what has been given up by the people of America, is immense, and it would have paid dividends too, if not for the total incompetence and reckless cruelty of our leaders. Estimates suggest the stay at home orders reduced infections by 81%! Our leaders wasted the months we spent in our homes, stealing from us to give to their rich friends and donors, while leaving the rest of us out in the cold. Instead of taking the time to prepare, to strengthen the shattered economy, and restructure in the face of a changed world, they frittered away that hard won time, and now the first wave, held off for months is finally tearing across the US. This would be bad enough, if tens of millions hadn't lost their jobs, and with it their health insurance. It would be bad enough if rent moratoriums weren't expiring next month, nearly simultaneously with unemployment benefits. It would be bad enough if following health guidelines hadn't become a culturally divisive issue, jeopardizing any attempts to curb the spread of COVID-19. Of course this is America, the land of plenty, and so we are blessed with all of these calamities and more besides to contend with. So much to fix, and so little time to do it, it's hard to know where to start. During a pandemic, how about we listen to the people, and get them healthcare!

Do you agree that COVID-19 outbreak is a sign the US should adopt a universal healthcare system?

Agree: 75%

Dems: 84%

Repubs: 74%

COVID-19 has ripped through the laughable arguments around health exchanges and insurance through your employer, exposing them for the pathetic shams and mis-directions they were. Whether you are a conservative, a liberal, or a progressive, you can see in real time the abject failure of our healthcare system, and the immediate need to do better. For our leaders not to listen to the overwhelming chorus of the public, clamoring for universal healthcare, would be an act of profound moral callousness, and cowardice. It will be sad to see them meet such low estimation. Given our recent history, striving for such big goals likely seems impossible to imagine, and doubtless  the titans of industry will scream loud and long of the dangers of such a transition, and the economic ruin that lies ahead. Change is happening, however, before our very eyes, and an election is coming in just a few short months. Winning any significant concessions will be a massive uphill effort, requiring a sustainable and growing movement, that keeps the focus and pressure on these critical issues, from now until the election, and then twice as hard the day after! If we are to emerge from beyond COVID-19 as a nation not in ruin, but in rebirth, getting not just economic prosperity for all Americans, but the time to flourish as humans and create a more socially conscious society, it's going to take an enduring collective movement of commensurate size and power, to the forces of economic oppression and bigotry we face! To create that better future will require the stamina to outlast the powers that be, and convince them that there is no choice but to change or lose everything. Don’t miss this chance as the gears of history are turning quickly to change our country for the better, join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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