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Some of you received up to $1200. Not everyone. And if a citizen was married to person who was not/ then no one in that family received anything There were problems of course. Delays. The initial math and calculations were arbitrary. The one time payment was less than the monthly subsidy offered by every other country helping their citizens.

But what was the real intent here? Was the President (and most of the Congress) concerned with millions of people unable to pay for their very basic needs. Or was this an opportunity for Donald Trump via Steve Mnuchin to siphon hundreds of billions of dollars from our tax money- to go who knows where. Yes, there is now a fight to prevent disclosure and that means no accountability.

Next time any Republican and sadly some Democrats start mewling about the deficit and spending, remember this. Now Donald Trump wants 2 trillion dollars- that is trillion with a "t" to be pumped into manufacturing. Does he own any such plants? Do his donors?

We have the power because we have the people. 99% is larger, more diverse, smarter, better and together stronger than the 1%.

You want change? Every Tuesday, don't shop. Boycott.

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