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Back to ??? School/No Plan & Threats of Loss of Funding-Making the Pandemic Even Worse

The pandemic grinds on, and with our non-existent federal response, it continues to chew up ever larger numbers of American lives. Each day Donald Trump shows how profoundly unprepared and incapable he is to handle to the greatest public health crisis of our time. COVID-19 cases are surging, the economy is in tatters, and with the rampant thievery by the investor class, who have diverted trillions of dollars of relief aid from the people into their own coffers, the American people have nothing to shield them from the oncoming crises of mass evictions and expiring unemployment benefits. All that would be bad enough, but Trump and his death cult seem determined to do the wrong thing at every turn, and force others to make their mistakes with them. Most recently this has manifested in the discussion surrounding re-opening schools students this fall normal, for in person teaching of students. If you ask medical experts and epidemiologists, this is a truly awful idea here in America. Teachers know it too, and have widely voiced concern over having to come back to school this fall. With such widespread infection rates, it is nearly inevitable the most teachers will contract COVID-19, and children, whether in danger themselves or not, will spread it to the rest of their families. Yet the Trump administration wants to pretend that coronavirus is gone, and so Trump is attempting to force schools to re-open, or lose federal funding. Do parents, or Americans at large want their schools forced to re-open, or is Trump once again flouting both people's desires and reality? Do you agree with Donald Trump's plan to cut federal funding for schools which don't reopen in the fall? Disagree: 65% Agree: 22% Parents are very protective of their children, and they feel strongly about keeping them safe. People can see it just isn't safe to send your kid back to school. However much Trump tries to spin away this virus, unless something drastic changes on the ground, schools will not be re-opening this fall for in person classes. The only thing accomplished by this insane power ploy is that many more lives will be lost at the schools which briefly re-open this fall. We must work quickly to block this disastrous decision and keep our people safe, young and old alike. Unfortunately, as we at DSOT have constantly pointed out, securing any significant concessions from Democrats, let alone Republicans is a massive uphill effort, requiring a sustainable and growing movement, that keeps the focus and pressure on critical issues like this! If we are to emerge from beyond COVID-19 as a nation not in ruin, but in rebirth, getting not just economic prosperity for all Americans, but the time to flourish as humans and create a more socially conscious society, it's going to take an enduring collective movement of commensurate size and power, to the forces of economic oppression, ignorance and bigotry we face! The first step in doing that is putting our people over "the economy" when it comes to coronavirus, or any issue of import. To create that better future will require the stamina to outlast the powers that be, and convince them that there is no choice but to change or lose everything. Don’t miss this chance as the gears of history are turning quickly to change our country for the better, join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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