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Another Mass Shooting/Texas Again

It's labor day weekend, and that means cook-outs and family fun, but it also means the school year is right around the corner. For many of us growing up, the beginning of a new school year was a mix of sadness over the passing of another too brief summer, and the excitement of seeing old friends and learning new things. Today, school children experience another emotion: dread. They are filled with dread over the possibility that this year, a mass shooting will come to their school and destroy their lives and those they care about. For many, our schools are no longer safe spaces for learning, and the worst part, is that they aren't wrong to have such fears, there have been nearly 200 school shootings resulting in injury or death just since Sandy Hook! Our children look to us, the adults, their parents and guardians to protect them from this senseless slaughter, and give them a place to grow and learn in peace, yet no laws are ever passed. Are the hearts and minds of Americans so mean and small that they don't want action?

Do You Support of Oppose Stricter Gun Laws in the United States? Support Overall: 60% Democrats: 89% Independents: 61% Republicans:30%

Even when phrased in the broadest of terms, the American people want stricter gun laws. We've discussed in detail what kinds of targeted policy interventions are popular in previous posts: universal background checks, assault weapons bans, gun licensing, etc. The bottom line is that Americans want to protect their children, and they want our government to do something, anything to keep guns out of the hands of these domestic terrorists. There was another mass shooting this weekend, making it 294 mass shootings so far this year, yet Republican President Trump and his enablers in office at every level say nothing can or should change. They've already made their choice between between NRA blood money and the well-being of their constituents. Together, each Tuesday, we will show them the folly of that choice.

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