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Again with Tears and Outrage: BLM Black Lives Matter

This is your friendly, weekly reminder to not shop Tuesday as part of the Boycott for Our Democracy!

From 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM on Tuesday (8/25), don't spend any money, unless it is an emergency of course.

What do you call someone who shoots an unarmed man in the back seven times? A coward, a thug, low down scum? Well in America we call such a man a police officer. Jacob Blake, after breaking up a fight was shot by an officer in the back as he was trying to calmly re-enter his front of his three kids. Can you imagine sitting in the car and watching your dad be shot by the police for nothing?! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! In spite of protests and organizing, since the murder of George Floyd this spring, there has been no change in the frequency of black and brown people being brutalized, harassed and murdered by the men in blue. The sickest and most horrifying part? Despite being caught on camera, despite all that happened before, the police officer will most likely be protected, and no justice will ever be served. Currently, miraculously, Jacob Blake is alive, if barely, at the hospital, let us all hope he lives! But live or die, do we really believe that this will be made right? As if such a thing were even possible. I think most people doubt our institutions will even try. What else can you reasonably expect when the "party of the people" rejects a thorough reckoning for our police departments, as conservatives cheer the brutality? The American people are desperate for change, and they are pleading with leaders to make that change! Unfortunately, our "leaders" are to deaf to hear, to weak to act, or to cold-hearted to care. If we are ever going to force the powers that be, Democrat and Republican, into responding to our needs, and stopping the wholesale, industrial control and murder of our brothers and sisters we need to build a populous, diverse, pro-democracy movement, that has the endurance to outlast our opposition, and convince them that change is the only option. Action is needed, not just speeches, and meetings! It is a mighty lift, but we can build our collective activism muscle each Tuesday with DSOT until we're strong enough to retake our democracy, and make sure this is the era when our government started representing the people again, not the wealthy and powerful. Join us every Tuesday, as we build an economic cudgel to get the powerful's attention.

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