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You Can Do Both

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Boycott and fight that is. Certainly there are other examples of multi-tasking, but none as germane to the topic at hand

Please continue to stand up and protest and organize and meet and plan and demand what is right for our country.

And Don’t Shop on Tuesdays.

The beauty of #DSOT is the ease, the overall appeal, the lack of specificity which can eliminate cultural touchstones and resentment. The lure is that everyone is upset about something/the boycott is easy. It is infinitely sustainable.

However, to bring hardcore and dedicated people to the movement, we need hardcore and dedicated activists who are generally focused on one issue.

Thus the disparity.

Because recognizing that we need concentration on one issue quarterly or for several months, and then rotating to another is in direct contradiction to the initial thesis of all the policies/all the majorities.

The only answer is to have 2 mission statements and strategies.

MLK Jr. if he had lived would have expanded his fight to include poverty, unfair capitalism and war.

We are going in the opposite direction. From broad to narrow.

The #DSOT boycott remains the same. Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. Tell everyone you know. And fight for your cause.

Initially the focus was to be on education and the massive underfunding of public schools throughout the country. Buttressed by the college admissions inequity showcase- only suckers go through the admissions office- and the crucial need for an educated society, we thought this was a good policy to highlight.

We will certainly turn our attention to education later.

But now, the planet is dying. Experts and scientists have now given us ten to twelve years to make drastic changes. Bio-diversity is being erased. Climate change is wrecking havoc on the poorest citizens of the world and is causing crop failure and famine and other conditions that lead to war. And refugees. The only effects are pure misery

Even the United States Pentagon realizes this. And has stated it officially. (Perhaps if a larger number of people were better educated, we could make elected officials, even those corporately owned by the fossil fuel industry, implement policy changes. )


So join us. Everyone.


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