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Who Needs Healthcare During a Pandemic? We Do

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As the COVID-19 or "coronavirus" pandemic continues to spread out of control in our ever more populated and interconnected world, some countries have been more successfully at addressing this health crisis than others.  While it is unclear at this point if the COVID-19 disease will get truly out of control, the mere possibility has revealed the stunning inadequacy of America's healthcare system.

The challenges America faces in fighting disease outbreaks are unique in the developed world, because we are the only country not to have a universal healthcare system in place. Our system, which relies on profit motive, is in fundamental tension with the goals of a healthy society in general, and most especially, effective prevention of disease. We've already discussed the insanity of our vaccines not being affordable, but universal health coverage effects a lot more than just medicine. Without universal healthcare, sick citizens don't have the luxury of taking the proper health precautions, like staying home from work, or even having the luxury of missing work.

Actions like this are not only absurd from a medical perspective, they are also wildly out of step with the American people's thoughts. This is likely why the Trump administrations approval in handling the coronavirus is now underwater! This is especially true for Democrats and Independents, who have not been captured by the right wing propaganda network that is gas-lighting their party. The American people want the government to intervene when necessary to protect them. We've covered before DSOT's support for medicare for all, and this crisis is a prime example of just how necessary it truly is.

Instead of doing the right thing at this critical moment, our "healthcare" industry is attempting to profit from human misery. During moments of crisis it becomes clear to even the more myopic ideologues that universal healthcare programs like medicare for all would clearly address this issue most effectively, and save thousands of lives in the process.

The failure of our government to act in even such dire circumstances, to put people in front of profit demonstrate with startling clarity just how widespread the subversion of democracy has spread. One hopes that as the situation grows worse, these politicians, who are bought off by hefty "donations" from the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful and amoral businesses, will come to their senses and take powerful action to reform our broken healthcare system.But most likely, if we do nothing, the daily suffering will continue, and the risk of catastrophe from a pandemic only grow. We must bring democratic representation back to America and make a government by, of and for all of us, that respects human life and dignity, and agrees with the overwhelming majority of Americans, that healthcare should be available at all, even when no pandemics are sweeping the nation! To do that we will need to put pressure on all our representatives through a broad and enduring movement of people, demanding change. Don’t miss this chance to change our country for the better. Join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!  ________________________________________________ Let friends and families, let them know about this growing movement, and how they can help us take back our democracy if they Don't Shop on Tuesdays!  Send their email address to

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