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Yes, Wayfair, you can pick your customers. No shirt/no shoes/ no service is a common qualifier in all types of eating establishments.

In your case, since you sell beds to the concentration camps at the border, you need to stop.

Wayfair received a letter from more than 500 of their employees asking the company to donate the profit from the sale of these beds to RAICES. The management refused and indicated they will keep doing business with the folks placing children in the most inhumane conditions.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 6/26, Wayfair employees are walking out in protest.

It appears that some Google workers will join them in solidarity.

Economic power talks.

Don’t help furnish the tents and camps where these children are detained. Their parents are there as well. Who knows in what manner the family is sliced up and thrown around.

Do not shop on Tuesdays. Shop locally/morally/consciously. Find somewhere nearby to purchase furniture. There are small and independent stores, artists’ collectives as well as antique and thrift options. Do not support companies that are blind to the horrors occurring now.

#DSOT Today and each week. Vet where you shop and spend your money wisely.

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