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Voting is a right not a privilege.

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The Founding Fathers did not provide this inalienable part of a democracy to all the citizens. Yes, they punted.

Theoretically every citizen 18 years and older should be eligible to vote in this country. In fact people must be encouraged and enabled to participate in this process.

Remember that as the franchise expands, the people in power have their influence curtailed. So if there are voting restrictions, suppression or outright stealing of elections, ask: Cui bono?

Who benefits?

Here is a tip about voter suppression. The side that can’t win fairly will be one the that jerry-riggs the process. Or perhaps the correct term is gerrymanders the maps. (See Wisconsin, North Carolina, United States House of Representatives for starters.)

People serving in prison and those having re-entered society should all be allowed to vote.

It should be easy, transparent, uncompromised and fair.

The conditions vary widely nationwide.

In Washington State you can vote by mail.

In Georgia, you can lose your enfranchisement on the whim of a man who wants to be governor.

This is the vital DNA of our democracy. Destroy voting at your own peril.

And while we are fighting for this right in all 50 states

#DSOT and make your voices heard by our collective action.

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