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Ne magasinez pas dans mardi.

That is French for Don’t Shop on Tuesday. And all you have to do is not to spend any money on consumer-related items and services every Tuesday. Actually, saying the phrase in a foreign language could be the hardest part.

But English please. We will prove that even a portion of 99% of the population is larger and more powerful than the 1%. Most of American citizens are not being represented on any level of government. It appears, and is certainly validated by legislative and executive action, that polices generally benefit the very rich and corporate donors.

But what if we all refrained from shopping one day each week? Imagine if more and more of us did not go grocery shopping, or have our hair cut or visited the doctor’s office for a routine visit. What if this continues to be a growing trend until visual assessment, together with online tracking tools, confirmed that people were engaged elsewhere on Tuesdays? Just suppose that more and more people, demanding to have their voices heard, joined the boycott for our democracy each week.

Because that is what is happening now. This is the seminal stage of a powerful movement that transfers the economic pain away from the boycotters. It allows people to be as visible or hidden as they chose as each week, to Don’t Shop on Tuesday.

This is a shot across the bow to the wealthy and corporations, larded with lobbyists and campaign contributions, to demonstrate our strength each week leaving an ever increasing hole in consumerism.

Please follow this blog as we examine the boycott, cite the many policies being ignored by government that enjoy majority consensus by the citizenry. Also, consider how you can spend time with family, or volunteer, perhaps do more for yourself and community on the day that you don’t shop.

This is the first step. Buy all you need this weekend and join the growing movement.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. #DSOT.

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