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United Protest Movement Generates United Power

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week: United Power Over Corruption

This past year has shown that no matter which party is in power, progress happens through the concerted, collective action by the people, not through wise and benevolent action from our “leaders.”

Left to their own devices, it’s clear that the vast majority of both parties’ leadership is far more concerned with lining their own pockets, and those of their wealthy owner-donors, than providing any real solutions for the American people. When Republicans are in charge, the dynamic is obvious, nearly celebrated, but look closely and you’ll see that despite their more kindly public demeanor, the Democrats rarely fix what the Republicans have broken, whether it be the bloated military budget, our corrupt healthcare system, our racist border policies, or even fossil fuel leasing. As we’ve said so many times at DSOT, these parties are engaged in an elaborate kabuki theater which captures and kills progress for the people.

We shouldn’t lose hope, however, before the new year, because 2021 has also been a year of record labor and progressive action. It’s rarely reported on the news, but hundreds of strikes have taken place across the country, along with unionization drives, and protests, with many achieving success! In Buffalo, Starbucks workers are beginning to unionize, having successfully voted in 3 locations to form a union. Meanwhile, just last week, Kellogg’s workers finally won a major contract victory after striking for months! More informally, the massive public backlash to the Biden administration’s proposal to resume student loan collection, has provided a temporary reprieve until April.

These bright spots may seem small amidst the vast corruption and catastrophe we face, but they are seeds upon which further people power can grow. To truly transform these disparate victories into a movement, which can face down Capital (and the Capitol) and their political lapdogs, we need to unite across these various struggles, and bring together the supermajority of Americans who desperately want to create a better and more just country. So in 2022 join us each week in building that united power movement, by coordinating your purchasing power, and Don’t Shop on Tuesday. Together in growing solidarity we can build an economic cudgel to challenge the elite, until we get a government which responds to the needs of the people.

See you all in 2022, we’ve only just begun to build our power!

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