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Good for all America.

They fought for and won:

The weekend. As in two days off together, not the singer The Weeknd.

Helped to raise wages to ameliorate a massive income gap. (It's a never-ending fight.)

Unions were instrumental in the battle to end child labor.

Workers organizing together generated health coverage to more people.

They were leaders in the fight for family and medical leave.

And even in the midst of unfair propaganda campaigns, most Americans support unions.

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

include a labor union member, with the overall union density hovering at 10%. This low union membership has not been an accident, but is the result of the relentless strangulation of unions and workers rights through a reactionary right-wing agenda. DSOT is not a partisan movement, but while the Democratic party has often wandered away from supporting its labor base, especially concerning trade policy, their sins result from not defending unions vigorously enough, in contrast to the unceasing attacks throughout the years from the Republican party on the very concept of unions.

The reality is, however, that the fate of the American people have often risen and fallen with the strength of the labor unions. The New Deal, and the following "golden age of capitalism" was won and maintained through powerful unionization movements, and it is no surprise, that as union membership declined, wealth inequality soared.

Despite the relentless propaganda by big business, the American people have always had a a positive view of unions, with over 60% support

for decades (albeit with a brief dip in 2009). The future of our democracy, at least partially rests in the restoration of our labor unions, and the American people already know it!

If you have a Republican representative, tell them to stop attacking unions and get back into the mainstream of America. If you have a Democratic representative, tell them to get back in the struggle, we've been waiting for them!

Let your representatives know this issue is important to you, contact info can be found at:

Help us take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!


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