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Too Many Boycotts

Only one is needed. Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. Each week. More and more people demonstrating aggregate political strength. There is no weariness or amnesia.

This political strategy is not muscled out by the newest and shiniest boycott.

People are now boycotting Jimmy Johns sub shops. No it is not because the food is awful- which it is- the owner shot a beautiful elephant in a trophy kill and posted the picture online.

Who else is being targeted? Wal-Mart/Soul Cycle and Equinox Gyms. CVS. Shell. Home Depot.

And the oldies but goodies like Chick-fil-A. Is that even still happening?

What is the impact- how are victories assessed?

The owners of the home improvement goliath and the pricey exercise emporiums are still billionaires and still trump supporters.

What if you aren’t renovating your house or doing home repairs. Or you patronize a different pharmacy or gas station?

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. Do not make any discretionary consumer purchases on that day. Each week.

Don’t eat out/schedule routine medical check-ups/get your haircut. Buy what you need and want the other 6 days of the week.

More and more people are joining #DSOT. It will not be edged by the new weekly boycott. The victories are manifest in the growing movement and the demonstration of people demanding to be represented.

There are dozens and dozens of issues that have over 60% (and more more more consensus) that are buried by corrupt elected officials. These politicians serve their donors.

So join us. Each week. Sign up for the discreet reminder email that highlights a different policy each week that most citizens want and is being ignored. Of course if you want to buy your fast food somewhere else or find a new pharmacy, do that too.

But always, each week, don’t shop on Tuesdays.

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