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This is Not and Will Never be Mob Rule

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The movement to boycott for our democracy #b4od by not shopping each Tuesday #DSOT will be very successful. It will grow and expand. People are angry and very cognizant that things are not right/fair or often legal.

99 % of us are not being represented by elected officials who once were called public servants. A vast majority of politicians are beholden to wealthy donors and corporate interests.

The Tuesday boycott is easy/sustainable/safe/private or public. One is not bound by any law. There is no “ you must shop on Tuesday” legislation pending anywhere. (And if such wildly unconstitutional and anti capitalistic bills ever get introduced- then #DSOT has been successful and effective. And not stopping) Together we are employing the very basic tenets of capitalism- free market and voting with your wallet.

It is totally nonviolent and yet we are weaponizing time. And demonstrating our size by our absence from consumption on a specific day.

Each week, every Tuesday in ever-expanding numbers we demonstrate our strength and our size. We are in fact protecting small businesses and their customers, clients and patients.

Also, one can add larger enterprises to that list, i.e. Harley Davidson and soybean farmers. Just to cite two very different businesses that are at the mercy of and suffering from a capricious and deleterious government and its policies. Add to that a 35-day shutdown with the harmful economic ramifications rippling throughout the economy.

Part of the mission of #DSOT is to add numbers and heft to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

They, like most of us, cannot afford armies of lobbyists to actually write legislation. Or pay people to wait in line for seats to Congressional Hearings.

Still, all of us suffer from the damage to the planet, underfunding of education and failing infrastructure. Again, just to cite a few examples.

Parse the list of issues that we have found which enjoy consensus in the 60, 70, 80 and even 90 percentiles. Find the myriad of benefits that would occur if they were transformed into law or regulation.

Each day, research yields more issues and policies that a clear majority support which are being ignored or even jettisoned by government officials.

As every mother has said: just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean…. However, the topics that this movement highlights can be validated in many ways. There are humanitarian, legal, scientific and historical methods to weigh the merits of public policy. Or sadly, current observation can attest to the need for certain reforms or legislation.

Don’t listen to specious arguments. In fact, you know the issues and the true facts.

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