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They Are All Our Children

Sad as it may seem, one of the major signs of improvement between the Trump and Biden administrations, has been the shift from foisting bad, unpopular policies onto the people, under Trump, to failing to pass good, popular policies, under Biden. Republicans, however, still control many of the state governments and they haven’t missed a beat since Trump left office.

Without good policy to advocate for, and no good critiques of the popular policies being passed across the aisle, the Republicans needed something to motivate their base. So instead, they have decided to gin up a new “culture-war,” spreading fear and lies around trans-gender people, and passing discriminatory laws as both virtue signal and distraction.

This time, though, the Republicans may have miscalculated. The American people, even their own Republican base, appear to be fed-up with this kind of hateful legislation

A new, more inclusive and equitable America, is struggling to be born. The American people are on the side of tolerance, even though it may not feel that way when we turn on the news or look at our leaders. Entrenched forms of bigotry among our political and wealthy elites are attempting once again to divide us. This type of division, along race or creed or gender, etc. serves the interests of the powerful by keeping Americans distracted from the class war with the culture war.

Thankfully, many corporations and members of the oligarchy also support inclusion and multiculturalism, because it gives them more customers to sell to. But while many may be temporary allies in the fight against bigotry, their interests and ours are not the same, and they will resist us just as vigorously, when we turn to larger issues of equity, like healthcare or the climate crisis. To win, not just today in preventing these anti-trans laws, but tomorrow’s fight’s as well, we need to join together, pooling our political and economic power to fight back against the oligarchy. So join us each Tuesday in growing solidarity, as we build an economic cudgel to use in the movements for trans-rights, workers’ rights, civil rights and human rights, until we have a government that represents all of us!

Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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